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“The Unknown Element 119 VIP Edit” touches deep house roots

“The Unknown Element 119” by Topazz is deep house as you know this genre from its origins. This track is very slightly funky with a jazzy note, driving but at the same time animating to listen. Some discover different nuances with each listen, others discover instrumental subtleties, samples….

“The Unknown Element 119” is quite soulful in the original version, but has now got even more lightness and atmosphere in the VIP edit by Topazz. Dancing or dreaming or both seemed to be Topazz’s motto during the production.

The VIP Edit will be released on July 15, 2022 and is available everywhere.


  • UPC: 4061707979774
  • Label: TMM Stardust
  • Written and produced by Thomas Alexander Kolbe (Topazz)


  1. The Unknown Element 119 (VIP Edit)

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