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“The Unknown Element 119 (Atmospheric Mix)” by Topazz in July 2022

The Atmospheric Mix of the deep house track “The Unknown Element 119” is a variation of Topazz’s VIP Edit, producer Thomas Alexander Kolbe (aka Tom from the Topazz cast) used a softer track intro.

Else he said: “Furthermore, this time we release this mix or rework in an unmastered version. The sound in this version is not much different than in the mastering engineer’s version. The sub bass is a bit more stripped back than in the VIP edit. I think it’s also interesting for people to hear the audio quality in which we deliver songs to the mastering engineer.”

“The Unknown Element (Atmospheric Mix)” will be released worldwide on July 29, 2022.


  • Label: TMM Stardust
  • UPC: 4061707979774


  1. The Unknown Element 119 (Atmospheric Mix) (00:05:24)

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