Out on May 10th: Topazz’s “The Unknown Element 119 & Yurai (Special Edit)”


TOPAZZ on a Piano

Topazz is a stage name (or one of the artist names) of Thomas Alexander Kolbe, a German electronic music artist and producer who commutes between Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan and Berlin, Germany. Kolbe was born in 1967 in Potsdam (Germany) and gained prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s for his contributions to the electronic music scene, particularly in the genres of trance, house, and chillout. While information about Topazz may not be as prevalent as some more mainstream artists, here are some key points about him:

Early Career: Topazz’s musical journey began in the early 1990s when he started experimenting with electronic music production. He quickly developed a passion for creating diverse electronic sounds and exploring various subgenres.

Musical Style: Topazz is known for his ability to blend different electronic styles, often combining elements of trance, house, chillout, and ambient music. This versatility allowed him to create tracks that resonated with a wide range of listeners.

TOPAZZ wearing headphones, sitting with studio gear in the background

Success with a signature House sound: One of Topazz’s early successes was the house track “New Millennium” released in 1998, which gained attention in the dance music community. The track’s energetic and euphoric beats captured the essence of house music during that era.

Chillout, Lounge and Beach Vibes: While Topazz was skilled in creating high-energy tracks, he also showed a talent for producing more relaxed and atmospheric music. Lounge versions like “Bubbly” (Colbie Caillat), “Behind the Wheel” (Depeche Mode) and others and relaxing electronic tracks like “Free” or “The Unknown Element 119 – Atmospheric Mix” demonstrated his ability to shift gears and create calming, chillout tunes.

“Miami Beach Chillhouse”: As mentioned in this blog post, “Miami Beach Chillhouse” is one of Topazz’s notable releases. This track showcases his talent for infusing beachy and summer vibes into his music, making listeners feel as if they’re on a tropical getaway.

Label Affiliations: Topazz has been associated with various record labels over the years, including TMM Stardust, under which he released “Miami Beach Chillhouse.” His collaborations with different labels have allowed him to explore different facets of electronic music.

Ongoing Musical Projects: In December 2022, Thomas Alexander Kolbe, the mastermind behind Topazz, and the japanese-american singer Aina Agena founded the new dance music act Club of Tone. Initially, Agena had also joined Topazz. After the establishment of Club of Tone, Topazz was temporarily put on hold. However, in mid-August 2023, a decision was made to continue Topazz as a side project.

Influence and Legacy: Topazz’s ability to create music that evokes emotions and transports listeners to different environments contributes to his lasting influence in the electronic music world. His work continues to be enjoyed by fans of various electronic music genres.