Chasing the Melodic Rays: A Retroactive Review of TOPAZZ’s ‘Follow the Sun’


In the dynamic realm of deep house, some tracks manage to captivate listeners with their enchanting melodies and rhythmic allure. Among these gems stands “Follow the Sun,” a vibrant composition by the esteemed artist TOPAZZ. Released on September 30, 2022, this single carved its own path through the musical landscape, leaving a lasting impression that resonated particularly across Arab countries. Today, we look back on this track’s journey, exploring its rhythmic charm, global resonance, and the mesmerizing factors that contributed to its popularity.

The Melodic Expedition Unveiled

“Follow the Sun” emerges as a testament to TOPAZZ’s prowess in crafting a deep house experience that transcends mere auditory engagement. Released in both the original mix and an extended version, the track effortlessly guides listeners on a atmospheric expedition. The rhythmic cadence and fluid transitions between beats invoke a sense of movement and emotion, painting a vivid sonic canvas that beckons listeners to follow its enchanting melodies.

Global Resonance and Cultural Intrigue

One of the intriguing facets of “Follow the Sun” is its popularity in Arab countries. While the reasons for this surge in popularity are multifaceted, one notable factor lies in the vocal component. A Japanese vocalist adds a touch that evokes local Arab “singsangs,” creating a cross-cultural resonance that bridges continents through sonic waves. The interplay of cultures within the track’s composition brings people together through a shared appreciation for musical exploration.

A Journey Beyond Borders

“Follow the Sun” transcends borders and musical genres, uniting listeners through its universal appeal. The track’s melodic brilliance, combined with its rhythmic cadence and cultural nuances, offers an experience that speaks to the heart of diverse audiences. The extended version, in particular, allows for a deeper immersion into the melodic landscape, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its intricate layers.

As we reflect on “Follow the Sun,” we’re reminded of the magical ability of music to forge connections that extend beyond geographical boundaries. TOPAZZ’s creation not only demonstrates the artist’s adeptness in crafting captivating deep house, but it also highlights the power of cultural infusion to create an unforgettable sonic journey. Through its melodies and rhythms, “Follow the Sun” reminds us that music is a universal language that resonates with people regardless of their origin, bringing them together in a shared appreciation for rhythm, melody, and the joy of musical discovery.

Marilis Esmé