Out on May 10th: Topazz’s “The Unknown Element 119 & Yurai (Special Edit)”

Timeless Beats: Topazz’s “The Unknown Element 119 & Yurai (Special Edit)”

Hey Topazz Tribe, we’re back with some exciting news that’s sure to get your speakers buzzing and your feet tapping. On May 10th, we’re dropping a special treat for all you house music aficionados out there: the re-release of “The Unknown Element 119 & Yurai (Special Edit)”.

For those of you who know Topazz for a while, you know that his signature style is all about blending the classic vibes of old-school deep and electro house with a modern twist. It’s a fusion of sounds that’s as timeless as it is fresh, and this latest release is no exception.

“The Unknown Element 119 (Atmospheric Mix)” is an atmospheric chillout deep house track that’ll take you on a journey through ethereal soundscapes and hypnotic beats. It’s the kind of tune that’s perfect for those late-night introspective sessions or lazy Sunday afternoons.

On the flip side, we’ve got “Yurai (Special Edit)”, an electro house track that could be a good one to get your party started. It’s bass-driven and has a poetic japanese moment at the end. Topazz’ inspiration was the beauty and the wonderful sound of “Yurai”, this japanese name, often given to girls and women.

What sets Topazz apart is his ability to absorb interesting musical influences without being tethered to trends. Exploring new sounds and find out what’s possible… Topazz: “I might spend ages experimenting until I find the right sounds, or sometimes it’s atmospheres I’ve recorded outdoors with my iPhone, then integrated into my tracks. I’m fine with a pounding beat that also triggers imagination, diving into the sound tapestry of instrumentals, atmospheres, and spoken parts.”

Mark your calendars for May 10th, and get ready for this re-release. It’s worth it, perfect for summer parties, beach parties or your relaxed moments whereever you are. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the scene, this is music you won’t want to miss.

Marilis Esmé